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Contact us today to talk with a consultant and learn how we can help take your publication to the next level and stick out from the audience! Promoting business books is not simply about the books. It’s about showcasing authors and their expertise to the media with proven and personalized author marketing tactics. Business authors have various goals. Most are seeking to build their name as an expert in their field, to attract new business opportunities, and to sell books. Smith Publicity has promoted a huge selection of business authors, perfecting book marketing techniques and author promotion strategies which have worked time and time again.

Smith Publicity founder Dan Smith was interviewed by Inc. publication years ago about a new marketing approach he innovated: using your book as a business card. A business publication author uses his or her publication and press coverage as a powerful, credibility-enhancing addition to a book-marketing arsenal. Smith Publicity business authors, some of whom have been with us for years, have found that such reliability attracts new clients and can increase their income as an expert considerably, advisor, trainer, or upper-level manager. When promoting and marketing business books, we incorporate the components of a traditional reserve publicity marketing campaign with proven writer marketing services ways to improve reputations and brand writers.

The goal always remains: make it as easy as possible for media to hide the author, his / her publication, and their ideas. In business publication marketing, we target print (journal and paper), broadcast (television and radio) and online outlet stores in media marketplaces throughout the United States, Canada, UK and/or select English-language media outlet stores worldwide.

We also concentrate on an author’s local and regional media. Press coverage might include book listings/mentions/excerpts, feature stories and articles, trend pieces, writer profiles, radio interviews, TV interviews, blog mentions, and byline and expert commentary opportunities. Bylined articles tend to be important when promoting business experts. The author creates articles regarding a topic related to the written publication.

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It can be considered a “how to,” “top five tips,” or research study where in fact the writer showcases how his ideas and knowledge to solve a problem. We pitch the articles for placement in targeted media outlets and create plans for the writer to write additional articles, provide expert commentary, and donate two blogs to attain their ideal audience. Why consider international mass media exposure? International mass media coverage is interesting for many writers interested in attracting business worldwide.

Even when acquiring international clients is not just a priority, authors have found this coverage especially valuable in enhancing their credibility. Media coverage can be effectively utilized and leveraged long after radio interviews or to segments are aired or feature articles or stories are published. “As seen on…” or “As featured in…” can be utilized throughout a career with incredible success. Put simply: press coverage impresses. Unlike publication advertising, press coverage develops the most effective promotional asset of most: credibility.

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