About Us

Albert Garth Clifford is a 18-year-old teen who enjoys listening to songs, podcasting as well as attending galleries. He is imaginative and also mindful, however can likewise be extremely unstable and a little bit terrible.
He is an Australian Muslim that defines himself as nonsexual. He is currently at the institution.
Literally, Albert is not in wonderful shape. He needs to shed quite a lot of weight. He is tall with dark, delicious chocolate skin, black hair and blue eyes. He has sticking-out-ears.
He matured in a top class area. His mom left when he was young, leaving him with his papa, that was a drunk.
Albert goes to Springfield School, where his favorite subjects are art, songs and also chemistry. He loves his teacher Mr Taylor however dislikes Miss Miles, whose rate of interests include speaking in an actually frustrating voice.
Albert’s friend is a teenager called Curtis Rice. They are inseparable. He additionally accompanies Rita Brennan as well as Maximillian Hope. They appreciate vandalising bus stops together.