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The subject of business structures capability maturity models has come up in conversation with clients recently. Organizations are viewing them as a means to bench tag their own capability and plan the implementation towards a higher amount of maturity. Whilst some benefit sometimes appears by me in this, in that it gives you something to believe and have yourself questions about, I am a little concerned for some respect.

The concern is ways to use a maturity model to check yourself against when the self-discipline itself is unclear and fragmented. Business architecture differs things to different people and continues to be under innovation and controversy in many of its aspects. What is happening here is that certain well-meaning and well intentioned organizations are claiming the area as their own and proclaiming “bodies of knowledge” and posting models of “their” best practice. Several organizations are highly I.T. I am uncertain that the provenance of the material is too helpful.

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Even the Wikipedia entry for business architecture currently encourages and tries to create legitimacy for certain bodies who have perhaps used it upon themselves to proclaim their possession of this topic. Often it how I Quite.T. To be fair to them though a lot of the content has value but it isn’t gospel. We are not at a true point where these models are of the equivalent status to CMMI or similar.

The community forums are filled with debate on business architecture and there are multiple threads of thought and opinion, so no solid view in any form is possible as of this true point in time. I do accept that they probably are worthy endeavors and are based on positive and well-meant intention but you can argue that it’s very pretentious and somewhat a potentially arrogant approach. Business structures must be applied appropriately, not in a one way fits approach; each and every organization will benefit from a strategy that suite: its business, its market, and its culture. Business structures are not painting by figures!

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