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The Creative Entrepreneur

At least for realtors, as it happens that beauty is indeed more than epidermis deep. A recent study of physical attractiveness and exactly how it impacts real estate brokers’ pay and productivity implies that the more attractive the true estate agent, the higher the list price of the real home for sale. Those higher listings lead to higher sales prices, and therefore beauty enhances an agent’s wage, said the report by Frank Mixon, professor of economics at Columbus State University’s Turner College of Business.

Customers and investors were not happy because they respected in the lender and the bank broke regulations and was dishonest numerous people. Once an organization has that mounted on them its hard to gain back again trust and also get the respect of their clients and traders. For many of these reasons the higher number does not end up happy and this scandal is not ethical by this perspective either.

The next theory is the Kantianism theory. When talking about this theory there are four basic principles that are participating. These concepts are that companies should take action rationally, allow and help visitors to make logical decisions, respect people, and be motivated by good will. HSBC do none of them of the ordinary things. They acted very selfishly and didn’t make rational choices. It is clearly not rational to permit dangerous people such as drug dealers launder money through their bank.

They weren’t thinking about all the parties included or what the results could potentially be when they thought we would look the other way with this issue. Another right part of the Kantianism theory is the three formulas it consists of. These formulas include, The formula of universal law, the formula of humanity and the formula of autonomy.

The method of universal legislation areas that companies should act only on the maximum whereby you can at the same time will that it becomes universal regulation. This laws prohibits folks from making exceptions of themselves. However, that is what HSBC did exactly. They knew money laundering was illegal but made an exception for themselves that is was okay to take action. Therefore this is another theory that HSBC would seem unethical according too. The ultimate theory is the virtue theory, This theory is focused on values, virtues and character qualities a company should be run according too that can make their business run properly. You can find four major virtues that go along with this theory.

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This virtues include courage, justice, temperance, and credibility. HSBC demonstrated that they did not have or use these virtues in a positive way in cases like this. They did the opposite. I guess in a way you could say that they had courage because they let these exact things go on plus they broke regulations. However, they didn’t have good courage or courage to stick up for the right move to make.

This theory, like the previous ones wouldn’t normally trust HSBC and would not accept them or think these were ethical. In my opinion I do not trust what HSBC did or think that it was ethical at all. They broke regulations and allowed dangerous people to launder money.

However I do believe that it was reputable to allow them to apologize and take responsibility because of their wring doings. They are taking to right steps to move forwards in their business and make sure this doesn’t happen again. They formed new management teams and spent extra cash on improving their anti-money laundering systems.