The Colours Are Soft 1

The Colours Are Soft

Here is a great natural look that I really like putting on as my go-to everyday makeup. The colours are soft, the skin is glowing while the lips and eye are balanced without being too overpowering. The list above does include many products nevertheless, you can always focus on one new product or technique and try to integrate it to your own makeup looks. Either elevate the eyes or get one of these new lipstick, your options are endless! Hopefully you will see something new and find out what works for you!

Even as a university student, I needed a subscription to Women’s Wear Daily. There wasn’t an online edition “way back then.” Every day, WWD was delivered my university mailbox. It was a treat to pour over the latest news. Even today, I await my regular monthly fashion and beauty mags eagerly.

WWD Beauty Biz is my favorite. Tell us just a little about yourself. I’m in my own early 60’s and solitary. I reside in the perfect home in Northern Virgina, and I love my garden, which I built from the ground upwards, with love. I’ve two cats, Charleston and Savannah. Charlie is a beautiful Snow Marble Bengal. Savannah, gorgeous equally, is a recovery cat.

She is certainly schizophrenic, and, unfortunately, she has epilepsy. I love antiques, artwork, books, and great food! I used to be frantically busy when more youthful, gaining a Ph.D. Now, I work for a large financial company in compliance and ethics. I have always been a volunteer, and much of my “free time” and money have been spent on local and state issues, including land conservation and use and environmental/pet causes.

I have also been active in many horticultural societies. That’s one reason I write Best Things in Beauty under a pseudonym. If you Google my real name, many pages of results from local civic association activities will be came back, including some of my most-famous mouthy quotes from open public hearings. I decided to keep my various lives individual. What’s your daily beauty routine?

  • Olive squalane essential oil 10ml
  • 8 years ago from South Carolina
  • Improves elasticity of pores and skin after only four weeks
  • It dries out my pores and skin if i use it on its own without moisturizer

It’s relatively complicated. Every morning, I get and clean up, condition, and style my locks (using a mousse and hairspray to set the style). I try to use hydrating products. I am always testing products, but I go back to my favorites unless a new product has knocked my socks off (that happens frequently). Before work, my regular beauty schedule begins with a facial cleanser for my face and throat in the shower. Then I apply one of the best serums and an eye cream (I am using Cold Plasma Eye, but I’m always searching for a new one).

After they absorb, I put in a moisturizer (or two) and makeup. There has to be sunscreen in another of them. My makeup always includes a concealer, eyelid primer, eye shadow, mascara (I really like Maybelline Define-A-Lash), foundation (usually Giorgio Armani), blush, lipstick, and lip gloss. A highlighter too Sometimes. Before I’m out the door, I add fragrance. The day During, I frequently re-apply lip color/gloss/lip conditioner, and I often use a hand cream throughout the day.

Before bed, I always detox my face completely, using an eye makeup remover if I need it after the cleanser. I QUICKLY do skin care: serum, moisturizer, and now Chantecaille’s new Biodynamic Lifting Neck Cream. Morning and evening, I take advantage of a body moisturizer. Evening treats I also use a hands moisturizer when i give Charlie his. Right before I go to bed, I apply Lisa Hoffman’s Spa Facial Lip Moisturizer. I complement my regular products (some of which I rotate) with whatever my pores and skin “informs me” it needs. For special occasions, I add products, such as eyeliner, that i don’t wear every day. I understand I should, but I favor to defeat the traffic hurry into DC.