Why, What, When, Where, How? And that means you want to start a new business. The purpose of this blog is to teach the new business owner in order that they understand all of the thought processes and steps that have to happen before jumping into a fresh business venture. Additionally, if you never have prevailed in your business, I am hoping to offer ideas that you can use to “re-engineer” your business to profitability.

My twenty years in business as well as the last nine years in banking as a Small Business Banking Specialist has allowed me to aid a huge selection of businesses using their startup programs as well as their enlargement planning once set up. Why do you want to start a business? If your answer was “to earn money,” you are relocating the right direction.

No one begins a business to lose money (if you are, then the IRS might want to have a talk to you), yet 80%-90% of most new businesses fail within the first five years. Of these 10%-20% that remain, around 80%-90% of those businesses fail next 5 years.

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If 100 businesses started today, by 2014 there would only be 10-20 of those businesses still open. By 2019, only 1-4 of these businesses it’s still open. Of all First, our educational system including our University system to teach students how to work and generate income for another person. I am currently one semester from graduating with my MBA from a high 50 program and I nor some of my classmates have never been taught for just one second how to go into business for yourself.

Very few Universities have entrepreneurial or small business management programs therefore the budding young business owner has to connect what they find out about existing businesses and try to extrapolate that information to start up a business of their own. 1. You’ll want a realistic vision about what your location is starting.

Starting small and inside your means is the first key to success. What Type of Business Do You Want To Start? Remember, the plan is to be in this business for a long time. Make certain it is something you like. The next key to success is to like what you do.

If you like what you do then you will never have a “job” that runs your life. You may breathe a constant circulation of energy into your business, which will help keep it going. 2 is starting a business, you do not necessarily like and do not see yourself doing it long term. Unless you like what you do, how will you persuade your employees and customers to believe in and be thrilled about your business? Once you figure out the business that you want to start, you have to do research on that business. 3—you cannot skip the research.

Just because you think you know the business, fresh government rules, or a major change in a delivery route can put you out of business. Unfortunately, external forces cannot be controlled always, however companies with sufficient levels of capital can weather them much more effectively than companies that have not properly planned.

Thinking, and contemplation, understanding customers, doing things in a different way are not in their DNA simply. Notice too that there is a happy medium. Apple isn’t exactly a slouch at good practices and efficiency but has been able to marry good, efficient business practices with good thinking, empathy, and contemplation for the client. We’ll find out if they can sustain both, as the pressures permanently more income and more efficiency will consider down on the profit models ever.