The Controversy Of Bullfighting In Barcelona 1

The Controversy Of Bullfighting In Barcelona

Most people associate Spain with paella, Picasso, and very flamenco dancers, but the only thing everyone associated with Spain is bullfighting. I was one of them until I made a decision to live here and found that this view of the united states was very small. However, although each one of these areas of Spain, however, are very important aspects of their food or culture.

Bullfights in particular is normally Spanish, and if you would like to see a bullfight while going to Barcelona you should do so soon, since it is vanishing and soon to be banned rapidly. From 2012 bullfighting no more be allowed in the Gran Catalonia, Barcelona, by order of the neighborhood parliament. So the relative head of the famous Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona, as long as you’re here, it could be your last chance to see bullfights in Spain.

In recent years this tradition has been an important aspect of Spanish culture for years and years, has been dying quickly and bullfights in Spain have been reduced by one-third lately. The main reason, because of this has been credited to government cuts local funding affecting the activity is situated. La Monumental, as is well known in Barcelona, a season now retains only a dozen bullfights, and today is the only space left in this part of Spain.

While bullfighting is an inherent area of the Spanish way of life, rights activists of the animals have fought hard for the ban in Spain, and groups like Equanimal have been very successful in their activities. My sympathies are with the activists themselves, and I personally haven’t seen a bullfight, despite living near La Monumental.

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Others disagree, seeing it as a Spanish custom that needs to be maintained. This passion is exemplified by the bullfighters, who move their skills down from father to son, and enjoyed celebrity status just as as Premiership footballers in Britain and the quarterbacks in the NFL in the U.S.They are chased by the paparazzi and two beautiful women, and its value is undeniable.

The clothes they wear in the struggle with the bulls are designed to show his manhood, and every muscle in your body. Any normal man to run a mile when he could be presented as an outfit. Bullfighting at La Monumental began in 1914 when it opened up its doors to begin with. His name was the Plaza of The Sport then, although that changed and in 1916 was known by its present name quickly.

Architecture is a mixture of Byzantine and Moorish, and it is noteworthy for its great beauty, among major office apartments and buildings at the part of Gran Via and Marin. Usually do not miss your tiles bright blue and white and it is an extremely impressive stadium, holding 19,852 people. La Monumental highly positioned among the arenas of Spain always, and was considered one of the top three in the complete of Spain, along with Las Ventas in La and Madrid Maestranza de Sevilla. If they built the put into the existing two stages in Barcelona, La Plaza de The Torin that no longer exists, and La Plaza de las Arenas in the Plaza of Spain is now a commercial center.

This indicates a deeply rooted love for the bulls in Barcelona, though it has been prohibited. Many of the fans to go to the Monument to start to see the “runs” as bullfights are known in Spain, due to the high reputation of the sand ‘s been around the global world. From April until September or so The growing season lasts, and if not used for running, is a location for music concerts, rock circuses, and concerts. Among his famous events were a Beatles concert in 1965 (July 3), a concert by the Rolling Stones concerts in 1976, and Bob Marley participation, Tina Turner, and many more.

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