HOW DO Anyone Accept Such Utter Hogwash? 1

HOW DO Anyone Accept Such Utter Hogwash?

Fukayama tells us, and it seems to me he is interpreting what the dogma says; though it matches his own slave and professional concept taken by his wicked predecessors. Right as he could be about Christianity, he could be not right about the teaching of Jesus. Well, what good will there be in that belief system? It encourages no growth or prospect of freedom while you are alive.

It gives no insight to actual knowing of what exists hereafter, except through beliefs in someone letting you know what’s right. How can anyone accept such utter hogwash? Are we to be enslaved to such a cosmogony while alive? God too grows, and he would be deceased if he didn’t. Everything all around us in nature say change is an excellent thing.

Why would a ‘public engineer’ like Fukayama tell us that Christianity is the ‘absolute religious beliefs’? Is this more expert inducement to be a slave? Methinks there afoot is something rotten and not just in Denmark. His knowledge of early religions is not displayed in his book. I hope to show all religions have used knowledge that when others employ it they call it occult or some other derogatory name.

I must show certain people and families in corporate and business or business life are also involved in the religions to the point of controlling them. His judgment seems uneducated and unwise to me. His good versus evil Nietzschean dialogue is not aware of the reality plainly available in what of the Britannica in reference to Zoroaster. They say this good versus bad thing of Christianity with a battle being won by good will there be 500 years earlier in Zoroastrianism.

In truth it was there in Egypt’s Abraxas, and in the Keltic Creed and a great many other places. There is no merit in such assertions and the issuance of them from the hegemony makes me Blanche and sputter, sometimes. How will you say the man is free only in heaven or the hereafter and hope to build positive models of behavior?

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This is especially true when you’re able to buy ‘special dispensations’ or simply confess in order to gain forgiveness. This is the type or kind of religion, the Mafia would love! The cover of Cahill’s book, The Gifts of the Jews shows all the councils of the Christians are behind another ‘Bible Narrative’.

Please question such authoritarian assurances and employ your own soulful sensibilities. When you are troubled do not desist, but instead persevere and learn to see the Peace they seek to eliminate or hide from you. Vivekananda, Swami Chinmayananda, or lesser gurus aren’t the only adepts who train self-mastery and how the brain or brain encounters the world all around us. Rishis or Mahatmas are not thought to be occultists and yet the techniques they use have been distributed for many years by people across the world. Part of the whole problem of human social development is the Flat Earth fiction that continues to make people think that one perspective is preferable to some other perspective.