Acne remedies in Chico, Sacramento, Redding, California are available. 916 Acne Skin & Wellness Studio are an acne medical center in Northern California. Our acne program is getting people to clear, on average, in 3 months. At 916Skin, we do bring the Obagi Nu Derm and the Obagi Condition & Enhance kits.

These products, including the Retinoic Acid, are prescription strength and require a consultation buy prior. 25, however, the consultation cost is waived if you get an Obagi System. Using Obagi to treat acne is debatable. If you ask me, Obagi, is beyond a shadow of any doubt, one of the most effective creases, if not thee most reliable series for anti-aging.

However, as it pertains to battling acne I would recommend a different course. Before you spend your money on anything, go see an acne specialist! At 916, we treat each person’s skin differently. Your house-care system isn’t just custom made for you, but it is progressive within the course of getting you clear. Product choice is key. And several times, what’s great for someone else is harmful for you!

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So, how will you tell which can be brimming with knowledge and that happen to be just brimming with themselves? Listed below are my red flags- the giveaways that will make me instantly leave a web-page or tune out a beauty consultant. Skin is a temperamental organ. What you use (or don’t use) on it can make a large difference in the manner it behaves.

Using a cleanser that’s too strong can make normal body seem dry. Curing breakouts over-aggressively can make skin area oilier actually. Much as a doctor would ask what medications you’re currently on before diagnosing a mysterious illness, any skin-care expert worth her salt should inquire about your routine prior to making any suggestions.

This might not exactly overtly mean requesting a product list, but it can warrant a discussion beyond “I see you have blemishes, and that means you must have greasy skin- use this”. Put Simply, everything is chemicals. Our company is. Air is. Water is. There is no product you could put on your face that’s even remotely “chemical free”. A person who says might be found is showing that they have very little idea how the pores and skin functions, because do you know what? It has to do with chemicals. To induce any change in the skin, a chemical effect has to happen.

Of course, I’m aware that a lot of people using terms like “chemical free” are encouraging products that are supposedly more true with their original status than their less lab-engineered “chemical” counterparts. Lest you chalk it up to semantics, however, take note: there is no substantiation that “natural” products are any safer or even more effective than lab-altered ones.