What Is Blogging And Why People Do Blogging ?

Writing content or creating content in form of text, images, video etc and posting of this content over Blog or website it called Blogging. It is a platform where writers or content creators share their thoughts, ideas, views, information. Why people do Blogging? There are many reasons why people do Blogging. Why they have time to create content in this busy world for others over the internet. To Start Making Money – Yes, if you Blogging you could start making profits through your blog but how will you generate income?

TV teaches you can show live advertisements on your Blog Posts (Content) that you could start making online money. There are different systems on the internet which allows you to show ads on your website/Blog. To Start Sharing Knowledge – There are a thousand amounts of bloggers who daily creates valuable content on their Blogs to share information and their knowledge with others.

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Blogging is a perfect way of writing information with everyone online. Self Promotion – Blogging is the best way to do self-promotion. If you are good in cooking food, sports, technology etc. Create your own blog and begin sharing your knowledge this will help you in getting popular. TO START OUT connecting with other’s – Blogging is a great way of interacting with new people online.

You can talk about your views, applying for grants the particular subject with anyone online. TO PRODUCE Online Portfolio – If you’re programmer or Designer etc. You can begin sharing your knowledge on Blog. This will help you in getting Job in future. How to start blogging? There are different platforms which enable you to make a blog. Each system is completely different from each other. Some platforms are totally 100% absolve to use and some are paid. To make your own Blog, you need to signup in another of these platforms. After this, you will be able to create your own Blog.

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