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This is to notify all our honorable customers and well wishers that Lee Technologies has been changed into Lee Technologies Ltd. The business of the business will be run in the name Lee Technologies Ltd. Henceforward, all documents will be issued in the name of Lee Technologies Ltd. We seek all out co-operation from all the valued customers in this regard.

This is called a sale and leaseback. The firm does not have to come up with lots of money quickly. The leasing firm takes care of the assets. The full total leasing costs will be higher than if the business has purchased it. This kind of finance is designed for more than 10 years.

The money is utilized for long-term fixed assets or the takeover of another company. Issue of shares: Shares are sometimes called equities, therefore issuing stocks is called collateral finance. New issues, or shares sold by public limited companies can boost near-limitless finance. However, a business would want to supply the right problem of shares so that the amount bought by shareholders will not upset the total amount of possession.

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A permanent source of capital that does not have to be repaid. Dividends should be paid. And they need to be paid after tax (so taxes become higher), while interest on loans are paid before taxes. Ownership of the business could change hands to the majority shareholder. Interest is paid before taxes, it is counted as an expense.

Interest needs to be paid every year but dividends just need to be paid if the company has made a profit. They aren’t permanent capital. They are the factors that managers consider whenever choosing the type of finance they need. Purpose and time frame: Managers need to match the foundation of the fund to its purpose.

It is fairly simple, short-term finance can be used to buy current assets and things like that, while long-term finance for fixed assets and similar things. Amount needed: Various kinds of finance depends on how much is necessary. Status and size: Bigger companies have more choices of finance. They pay less interest to banks.

Control: owners lose control if they own less than 51% of shares in their company. Risk and gearing: loans raise the gearing of a business, meaning that their risk is increased. Gearing is can be obtained by calculating the percentage of long-term loans in comparison to total capital. If long-term loans take up more than 50% of total capital, then the business would be called highly geared.