Business Analysts In A Digital Era Tickets, Wed, 22/05/2019 At 6:00 Pm

The move from traditional ways of working and considering to an electronic mindset, business lead to change in many roles, and sometimes it is not yet determined where everyone ties in. It is important to understand how the digital economy has shifted our ways of working and the abilities needed from strategy to execution to meet demanding needs.

Business analysis skills are needed in a Lean/Agile world, more than ever now. Join us in a workshop where we shall explore the typical Agile Transformation strategies and the challenges they create. We will look at the abilities needed for a company to move from being prescriptive to one that can respond to emergent needs.

We will look at business analyst skills, tools, and techniques and identify where these skills can be leveraged across the value stream. Our presenter, Teri Christian, is a Transformation Strategist and Organizational Change Consultant and has worked in every aspect of business change over the last 20 years. She works as a change lead presently, assisting organizations to proceed to new and innovative ways of working.

Her interest lies in how organizations can make the best use of the potential they have in their people and their market. Although Teri is American, she has resided and proved helpful in Australia in the considers and passed herself an adopted Aussie. She has returned after several years, bringing a change-management tool that helps organizations to navigate through transformations.

She is very excited to be here with her family and prolonged family. Teri is the owner of Powers Digital Solution and founder of the GEM Fluency Framework that provides a road map, knowledge bottom and actions and metrics to help organizations changeover to new means of working with less reliance on experts. Ms. Christian is always centered on the next influx of societal change and future needs. She has four children and ten grandchildren in the Australia and US. She is enamored with cultural diversity and how we can live and interact as people, who are motivated to do good.

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  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in Operations Research
  • Wireless Earphones
  • 800 person room
  • Counsel a recently employed, 22-year-old man on maintaining his skill established
  • 6 years back from Northeast of Dallas, Texas
  • 5:56 PM – May 8, 2019

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