Visit To The Dermatologist 1

Visit To The Dermatologist

So, December 14th is finally here and I got eventually to see the dermatologist. I couldn’t sleep the night time before I was kind of anxious and worried at the same time. What if he recommend me Accutane? Is it going to completely solve my acne problems? What am I suppose to do if he will not?

I went there and told him about my situation. Also, in the month where my forehead was filled with red pimples showed him my pictures at the worst time. Then, he asked me to simply tell him my history of all the drugs/treatments I have already been doing for acne. I told him all the within the prescription and counter medicines that is required; which included many face washes, different antibiotics, gels/creams, and Accutane. He specifically asked me about Accutane that I told him I only took it for just one month on low-dose (10mg) each day.

He said it’s not enough to get rid of my acne. So, I asked him for Acctuane normally. But he refused; instead gave me more gels/lotions that I’ve used in the past. So, what a waste of time! My mother said I will not fill the prescription, which I agree.

My mom recommended that I go see my principal treatment doctor again and see if he has other things that will assist. On December 18th to see him So we went. I waited over an hour to see him because he had so many patients. Well, it was good after all because at least he didn’t say anything about it will go away and give me more gels/creams. He said that he thinks that the contraceptive pill, more specifically Ortho Tri Cyclen will help with my problem.

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  • Organic shea butter
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  • Apply this mix onto the acne-affected regions of your pores and skin

Come to think about it, my acne will tend to flare up significantly around enough time of my period. Other times, my skin will heal and there are less acne. So, I acquired the Ortho Tri Cyclen the generic one Trinessa. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will have a beneficial effect on my skin. I will write another post on how it is affecting me so far exactly.

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