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TJ Maxx / TK Maxx

The local Marshall’s/TJ Maxx has a great deal of Philosophy stuff, everything proclaimed from 4.99 to 8.99. That they had body souffle/cream and the 3-in-1 stuff (the hair shampoo/body wash). Also, a lot of Kate Spade stationery/home/etc. I lived in Chicago for a time but never really hunted while I had been there. Now I live in Tallahassee, Florida (of most places), and the stores offer nothing like that here. It’s quite depressing.I would go nut products for Lancome!

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  2. Light consistency
  3. Cyprus – Do not use during pregnancy
  4. Joyin Toy
  5. BeneFit Dandelion blush- instant shine

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I’m terribly sorry for the lack of blog posts. Weekly or two I am going to have more time I, as I’m giving up one of my jobs to focus on the one that provides more time and that I enjoy the most (Valley Green Naturals!). Having two jobs, plus being truly a single mother and having a huge great Dane puppy (on top of my health issues) is putting on me and I can’t seem to keep up. I do, however, keep up with my Instagram @ValentineKissesBeauty (please follow me there unless you already).

Uploading on Instagram takes way, way, WAY less time than it can to collectively pull a post. A lot of people don’t understand how long it really does take just to take the photos alone, which may take hours if I have multiple shades of an individual product; lip swatch photos are the most time consuming. Then once you take the photos you need to process/edit them (and by edit, After all I crop, straighten and add my watermark, followed by resizing for the net). I oftentake the photos, then test something for from a couple of days to a few weeks anywhere, and during the test’s time is when I’ll process & modify the photos.

Finally, when I have an opinion on the merchandise, I upload the photos and write my review – often I’ll schedule the blog post to move up on the certain day therefore I do not forget to upload them. And while I LOVE blogging, I just haven’t had one minute to even take photos of all products – which includes slightly put my blogging on hold.

I have products I personally purchased that I wish to blog about among others that companies have sent me. I wish to have them all up ASAP. I hope my routine allows once, I’ll be blogging more regularly again – maybe don’t assume all day like I used to, but three to five 5 times a week is my goal.