THE TRUE Truth About Gastric Bypass's Supposed "Cure" Of Type 2 Diabetes 1

THE TRUE Truth About Gastric Bypass’s Supposed “Cure” Of Type 2 Diabetes

I often question if we will look back at this surgery similar to the lobotomy. That’s when it became an attrocity. I see gastric surgery was similar compared to that. But now it’s being performed on only marginally obese people, people who are healthy, people who really haven’t put an honest effort into losing weight (even if they declare they have).

This surgery is no laughing matter. The only contention I have with your site post is related to the fracture risk in post-bariatric patients. While it holds true that the surgery often causes nutritional deficiencies because of the way the small intestine is bypassed, especially in previous/more extreme variations, it is true that massive weight loss itself will cause osteopenia/porosis also.

This occurs every time a morbidly obese person gets to a “normal” weight. During substantial weight loss of this level IGF-1 levels fall low, and bone mineral density is lost. I never really had gastric bypass surgery and I’ve osteopenia because of the fact I lost 160 pounds now. In the morbidly obese, weight loss, it doesn’t matter how it is achieved, is nearly always perceived as starvation by the body (IF the loss is so extreme that BMI becomes “normal”). This is my conclusion after considerable living and research in my body. Osteopenia/porosis is a complication for any “normal weight” post morbidly obese, much enjoy it is perfect for food deprived/eating disordered/underweight people.

  • Remove Toxins
  • Limit your consumption of high sugar food items and beverages as they can cause “dumping syndrome”
  • 15 a.m. — started with basic stretch and starting to warm up exercises for 30 minutes
  • Helps in Getting Healthy Skin

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